Teen Counseling

If you’re a teenagers struggling to keep composure from pressures of life there is help for you. You have it harder then most adults are willing to admit. Frustration can derive from so many different situations such as peer pressure, trouble home, keeping your GPA up, and deciding what you might want to do with your life after finishing school.

There is no need for you to go through the issues of life alone. SMR Counseling Services  has Dr. Shauna ready to assist you. She can help you to:

  • View yourself more positively
  • Develop skills to better handle peer pressure
  • Improve emotional responses
  • Reduce anxiety

Your teen years is a huge turning points in your life. Get through them with as little  drama as humanly possible. Life is not guaranteed to be an easy ride, but the way that you cope with the problems in a healthy way can help you to improve how you view life.


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